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In the world of real estate there are two very distinct models of operations: the individual and the team. The individual model means that there is one person running the operation, who possibly has an assistant.

On the other hand, the team model means that there are several people, each with highly specialized roles, which are all contributors to the business’ bottom line.

Our Mission: to provide our clients with exceptional service through education, communication and results.


Listing Specialist

The listing agent is in charge of helping the owners sell their home at the highest price possible. The listing agent negotiates with the buyer’s agent to come to a price agreed upon by both the buyers and the sellers.

Finds a Buyer | Negotiates Price | Submits Contract | Analyzes the Market

Buyer Specialist

A buyer’s specialist can concentrate on discovering new listings to give buyers an advantage over other house hunters. Armed with details, she presents the pros and cons so the buyer can make an informed decision.

Finds a Buyer | Previews Homes | Daily Prospecting

Transaction Coordinator

The transaction coordinator functions as a liaison between real estate agents, clients, escrow companies and mortgage brokers during the process of a real estate sale and effectively manage the administrative tasks involved in closing a sale.

Contract to Close | Liaison Between Parties | Appointment Management

In House Marketing 

Develops and coordinates marketing plans and strategies in order to attract prospective buyers and sell listings in a time frame that the client deserves.

Getting Ready for The Market | Marketing | Client Care


We believe in building strong relationships built on a solid foundation of trust and great service, it’s what we do BEST.

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