Selling Your Home During Hurricane Season

If your home is listed for sale or you have begun your new home search you may not know how a pending storm could affect the process.

There are actions that should be taken before, during and after an event that are unique to each hazard. Identify the hazards that have happened or could happen in your area and plan for the unique actions for each. From

Here are a few tips to get you through the storm:


  • Remove “FOR SALE” sign from front yard and place inside your garage or hall closet.
  • If evacuating, take all homeowners insurance policy paperwork with you.


  • If under contract, we will notify you of any pertinent information such as deadline dates being extended or rescheduled.

Contact us with any additional phone numbers or email addresses that can be used to contact you. If you haven’t already, save our phone number in your contact lists and share with family members.

Of course, we pray that a hurricane would not affect you or your families. In the event of a storm, however, we want you to know we are here for you.


Preparing a family evacuation plan.

Get the latest emergency information on the City of Slidell Facebook page.

Sign up for National Weather Service Alert via text message.