Season of Thanks: 12 Ways to Teach Your Children Gratitude

This article may not be about the City of Slidell in particular but has the possibility to benefit our community in a lasting way.

If we love our City and strive to be the best parents we can, we must not overlook teaching our children how to be grateful, to live thankful lives.

Make it a habit to tell people thank you. To express your appreciation, sincerely and without the expectation of anything in return.

Truly appreciate those around you, and you’ll soon find many others around you.

Truly appreciate life, and you’ll find that you have more of it.

Ralph Marston

Life lessons come naturally during certain times of the year. When the seasons remind us of our humanity and what is truly important in life, outside of our daily routines.

Instead of fast forwarding to Christmas, let us take a moment to realize the power of a month of thankfulness.


Gratitude Board
Similar to an Advent calendar, this board can be used every day during the month of thanks, November. Each day, maybe when you sit together for dinner, ask each child what they are thankful for and write it on the card inside that day’s pocket. Source


Thankful Turkey Box
You may have all the supplies needed for this activity already around the house. Fill this box all month with ways your family is thankful then on Thanksgiving Day read them together. Source


There is so much to be thankful for, and there is something about writing it down and looking at it every day that makes it that much more real. Not to mention the cuteness it brings to the room!

I may have to invest in lighted branches just for this! I love the earthy feel of it with the jar of pine cones. Sit down as a family to write on your leaves and can even save them to read the next year. Source


Use this game during the month by punching a hole in a circle, similar to an Advent calendar, to find a gratitude activity to do as a family. May take a little time to put together but lots of fun for littles. Source


This photo scavenger hunt would be great for Thanksgiving Day when bellies are full and interaction is minimal! Get the kids together, who seem to have energy whether they eat turkey or not, and get outside with your list of items to discover! Source


You could use this as a daily lesson, if you have lots of neighborhood kids come through often or if you are hosting turkey day at your house. Easy peasy to put together and a great visual to keep before you. Source


This activity comes with printable activities to add to your jar. Pull one each day and you have an instant lesson of gratitude! Have the jar and want the letters? Contact our friend Jessica at 3PeasandAPod. Source


This activity is more for mommies to put together and kiddos to fill in but effective nonetheless. Can’t you see this cutie up all year! Add your gratefulness each week at Sunday dinner. Great up-cycle project, too. Source


If your style is Shabby Chic, this printable would be perfect for your Thanksgiving decorating! Kids can help put this one together, use as a paper chain, napkin rings or tree ornaments. Source


This activity could easily become a tradition, adding what each family member is thankful for daily.  Source


gratitude family game

Ever play Headbandz? This game is similar with a Thanksgiving twist and sounds like lots of laughs! Easy to put together, time well spent! Source


10 simple Thanksgiving conversation starters for kids that are young and getting to know what being thankful means

These thankful conversation starters could be used for many of the above activities if your kids are finding it difficult to come up with answers. This sit down with one on one time is bound to produce very adorable responses. Source

We hope this gathering of activities blesses you and your family. We are truly Thankful for our families, careers and the City of Slidell.