Local Band Witness Declares “Mardi Gras Rocks Forever!”

One of Slidell’s favorite bands, Witness, is getting lots of attention from their new hit song “Mardi Gras Rocks Forever!”


Let’s go back to Mardi Gras 2016.

It was the 15th year Witness played for the Krewe of Perseus Bal Masque, a Mardi Gras ball held weeks before parade day. Missi Spinosa was asked by the Krewe’s Captain, Mr. Allen Little, to join him on the Captain’s float parade day.

As any local Mardi Gras enthusiast would be, Missi was ecstatic.

Parade day did not disappoint. Missi was thrilled to have the opportunity to see Mardi Gras in Slidell from a different perspective.

During the parade, the float made its obligatory stop in front of the review stand where a toast would be made. After the formalities, Missi’s friend Gwen who was at the stand, hands her the mic.

Unprepared but used to the spotlight, Missi began to thank the Krewe for including her and thanked everyone in the crowd for coming out that day.

And in closing, proclaimed, “Slidell Rocks Forever!”

It was a pivotal moment which would resonate with Missi. That closing phrase sat with her and she began to write a new song called “Mardi Gras Rocks Forever!”


Months passed and it was time to share. Missi went into the studio to record the track with help from a 3 piece horn band from Tulane and Bobby Ohler from The Nobles.

After weeks of editing and mastering, it was done! And now, the plan was to get as many people to hear the song as possible.

“Today, it’s so different for independent artists. The internet allows us to reach mass audiences with our music using an online distributor.”

She designed artwork for the CD and a logo for t-shirts but says it could not have happened without motivation from friends and support from local businesses.

“Mr. Ronnie at The Who Dat Shoppe was on board right away, offering us a place to sell our CDs and t-shirts.”

Mardi Gras Rocks Forever CD

Mardi Gras Rocks Forever T-Shirts


Between now and Mardi Gras day, the band is doing what they can to get more people to hear the song and hopefully hear it on the parade route!

Walton and Johnson of Bayou 95.7 radio has been giving the song air time, in addition to several up coming promotions:

  • Sunday January 31st, Krewe of Dionysus Parade Route
  • Monday, February 1st, Lake Radio
  • Tuesday, February 2nd, LIVE on WWL Channel 4 News between 8am-9am

Download “Mardi Gras Rocks Forever!” on iTunes 

CDs are available at The Who Dat Shoppe, The Main Street Marketplace & The Silver Slipper Casino.

More Witness Originals:

The Drew Brees Shuffle (iTunes) (YouTube)
We Are The Red White And Blue (iTunes) (YouTube)


The band, Witness, has been entertaining Southeast Louisiana and the Mississippi Gulf Coast since 1990.

The popularity and success of the band Witness is based on their musicianship, vocalization, and the ability to play many styles and artists that appeal to audiences of all ages.

With close to two decades of experience and many performances, the band Witness has become one of Louisiana’s own musical professionals.

Among the variety of engagements in which Witness performs, weddings are their specialty, but they also bring their excitement and spontaneity to any special event.

Witness is especially known for involving the audience in their performances and making participants a part of the fun.

The band’s well rounded repertoire makes them well suited to functions of any type.

The band members are:

  • Missi Spinosa – Vocals, Saxophone, Keyboard
  • Raymond Ybos – Vocals, Guitar, Keyboard
  • Joey Spinosa – Drums
  • Gantt Boswell – Bass

For booking contact jspinosa@charter.net

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