4 Reasons why FALL is the best time to sell your home.

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Well, It’s officially Fall! Could someone please tell the thermostat that?!

I jest, but it’s a fact of life living in South Louisiana. One that can fall in your favor (excuse the pun) if you’re planning on selling your home anytime in the near future.

Now might be a better time than ever (and I mean EVER-has anyone ever told you what interest rates were in the 80’s!) to sell your house if you’ve been tossing around the idea. (Hey, it’s football season-I couldn’t resist)

Why you ask?

1. Fall weather is still beautiful (in this part of the country)

Northern parts of the country will begin to see a decline in home sales and activity over the next couple of months. Can you imagine looking at 3-5 houses in 3 feet of snow with sludge on the interstates, slick driveways and dead foliage?

Logistically, it will be hard to show houses as the weather begins to deteriorate and with a reduction in the amount of buyers in the market, prices can decline as well.

The good news for them-only motivated buyers are willing to brave the elements to get in their home-but they (the buyers) and their realtors know they have the upper hand when it comes to negotiating on price.

Because it becomes a supply in demand situation.

Whereas, here in Louisiana, we’ll experience mild weather. Dare I say, even refreshing, weather?!

It puts us all in a great mood, home up keep that was neglected in the unforgiving heat of the Summer months will now be tackled & wreath season will officially kick off on the doors of your neighborhood (So homey, right?!).

Leaves will be changing (sort of) and an overall crispness can be enjoyed while sipping some tea on your porch, reveling in the departing unrelenting heat-and potentially admiring your (our) for sale sign in the yard…hint hint.

2. Interest rates are still at record LOWS

This isn’t a sales pitch! It’s a fact!

On a $200,000 home, you can save $242 per month by buying at a 4% interest rate versus a 6% interest rate which was the norm not too long ago; and frankly could be again sooner than we would like to think.

That’s a savings of over $87,000 in INTEREST over the life of the loan.

This is the current situation, we can’t predict your home’s value in the future, only what the market tells us now-I would hate to hold off on selling NOW, to get more money for your house later-only to pay more interest on your next home…oh and don’t forget, when interest rates go up, affordability goes DOWN-meaning, your pool of buyers will get smaller and their offers will be lower, because they have all that nasty interest to pay.

Are you picturing the circle of life here? Each component affects the next.

If you are planning on selling your home and purchasing a new home, you could potentially be saving hundreds of dollars a month by taking advantage of these interest rates.

As a seller, that also means AFFORDABILITY is at an all time high for a purchaser.

Which means a buyer can get qualified for more now than in the past and that translates to a higher offer on your house…because they can AFFORD it! Get it?! Sounds like a win win to me!

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3. Buyers are MOTIVATED

Sometimes buyers like to sightsee. It’s natural. It’s why online is the place 90+% of people begin their search for a home. But eventually, they want in.

One of the most frustrating feedbacks I can give a seller after a showing is, “they were just looking”.

As the Holiday’s approach, buyers either get serious or get on with their celebrations. That’s good either way for the seller. Less showings, more serious buyers.

Oh, and have I mentioned how aggressive buyer’s get as the Holidays approach? Visions of family gatherings, decorating and hosting events make offers more serious, more aggressive and potentially for more money.

And let’s face it, our houses never look as homey as they do with Holiday decorations and smells throughout.

4. Everyone ELSE waits until “after the New Year”

We as realtors hear this time and time again. “We want to sell, but we’ll just wait until after the New Year”.

THAT’S WHAT EVERYONE SAYS. Do you see where I am going?!

We all know the fundamentals of Supply In Demand.

Inventory goes down, prices go up-inventory goes up, prices go down.

So what do you think happens when all of the festivities of the Holidays are done and EVERYONE decides to LIST THEIR HOUSE?

Yes! Inventory spikes, Buyers go, “wahoo!”. They know that the more to choose from, the less aggressive they have to be, because frankly, they’ll just go to the next one if their offer doesn’t work out.

Oh, and remember, these aren’t the motivated buyers that wanted to get in their homes for the Holidays…they’re already settled in their new homes.

These are the shoppers. The “if we find the right one” shoppers. The “let’s start looking 3-6 months before we’re ready to buy” shoppers.

Knowledge is power-the choice is yours.

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